Above and Beyond Estate Sales has a wide knowledge of Antiques and Collectibles. And we are equally adept at assessing the marketability of simple household items. We will research, organize, advertise, and price everything in the home. We can sell it all for you ... from start to finish. At Above and Beyond Estate Sales, experience has taught us that each estate sale is different. One could take two days, two weeks or six weeks to get it ready. We never rush a sale, because we want our clients to receive top dollar for their items. At the same time, if you specifically require a quick sale, we will make that happen.What you can expect. We market your sale strategically, and our large following looks forward to the sales we host. We make sure that each one is neatly set up and very well-organized.What we do. At Above and Beyond Estate Sales, we can help you to deal with downsizing, relocating, or the loss of a loved one. We handle everything from postcards to furniture and whatever else you might find in someone's home. Why hire us? We have helped many families with the difficult task of sorting the trash from the treasure. Let us do the hard part for you, given our trained eyes and knowledge. We prefer to sort because we know what will sell and the market for it. We separate and pack family photos and private papers (if needed) to be removed by the agent of an estate. We sell everything, leaving the house empty and ready to be professionally cleaned. We take care of your estate as if it were our own.