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The sale you are looking at occurred in the past.

This beautiful sale is at the historic Farmhouse home to Lester Holmes, the first General Manager of the 1930s era Clarksburg Sugar Mill. Own a part of Sacramento River Delta history with ANTIQUES, FARM EQUIPMENT, TOOLS & more at this historic 1928 farmhouse in Clarksburg, just 8 minutes south of Sacramento. 

AND Don't miss the Kubota L2800 Diesel tractor. Front loader and box scraper. 4x4 with shuttle transmission. 165 hrs.

The Historic Farmhouse Home of Lester & Sarah Holmes

This sale is at the 1928 farmhouse that Lester and Sarah Holmes lived in with their four children, among the acres of walnut, olive and fruit trees. Clarksburg landowner, Lester J. Holmes, was born on July 4, 1893 and became the first General Manager of the historic Clarksburg Sugar Mill, a bustling hub where "almost everyone was involved with the mill," according to the Sacramento River Delta Historical Society. He managed the sugar factory from 1936 to 1954, while serving as President of the Golden Empire Council of Boy Scouts and President of the Yolo County Farm Bureau. Mr. Holmes and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Merwin (born 1897, died March 15, 1971 in Sacramento) had four children.

Since the Holmes family, there have been a few other families to live here, expanding the home to a two-level, 6 bedroom home that has hosted open houses for local farmers, St. Joseph's community gatherings, as well as family gatherings like Birthday Bash barbeques and unforgettable Christmas mornings in a home decorated to the hilt.

The home boasts beautiful antiques along with beds, couches, tables, appliances, wicker furniture, and a gorgeous grandfather clock. Picnic tables, a potting bench, gardening and farm equipment are all here. A large work shed on the property is well appointed with all variety of farm equipment and tools, as well as a tractor, generator, power washer and more. 

There's too much to list, so you'll find nearly 200 pictures of farm equipment, tools, furniture, clothing, china, dressers, beds, suitcases, clocks, couches, chairs, dining sets, holiday decor, lamps, appliances, home decor and much, much more.

PARKING: Please note there is limited parking on the property, but Greendale Lane parking is just 1/4 mile past the home. No parking on Jefferson. 

HISTORY: The California Delta was California's first agricultural region, today fueling a $31 billion agricultural industry. Vineyards and orchards in the Delta date back to the early 1800s and Clarksburg was settled in the 1850s for agricultural uses. Named after Robert C. Clark, who arrived there in 1849 as part of the Gold Rush population boom, Clarksburg's prime farmland is now part of the Delta Farm and Winery Trail. In the 1920s, the New Holland Land Company began subdividing the tracts and established Clarksburg as an unincorporated community. In 1933 the sugar factory was brought to Clarksburg piece by piece via railroad and construction was completed in 1935. The first General Manager was Lester J. Holmes, a local landowner who ran American Crystal Sugar from 1936 to 1954. The sugar mill was a bustling hub where "almost everyone was involved with the mill," according to the Sacramento River Delta Historical Society.After nearly six decades, the mill closed in 1993 with part of the original Old Sugar Mill becoming the current home to 11 California wineries. Clarksburg is unique among small California towns in that many of the families who initially settled the area are still present.